Sparkle Pink Online Party for Girls

Sparkle Pink Online Party for Girls

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Ok, so we are not going back to school or going to Sparkle Pink Club meetings and conferences. So, What should we do now? PARTY ONLINE!

Grab a giant tub of popcorn and get into our Online safe & secure Zoom Room. Bring Glitter!

Girls ages 3-13 can enjoy this Christian based special online event for moms and daughters! During the Sparkle Pink Online Party for girls you will:

  • learn how we defeat Giant Germ COVID.
  • learn the benefits of planning. Get free Sparkle Pink Planner pages. 
  • enjoy other girls and moms
  • play interactive games and take quizzes
  • hang out with Mrs. Deria & Coco
  • hear a Bible teaching from Mrs. Deria 
  • see and learn to use the hottest 2020 nail polish colors