Boutique  4X Course

Boutique 4X Course

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Hi Guys,

I have always had plans to do what I call the Boutique 4X but it sat on the shelf for way too long. I feel like now is the time! It is a four week course I designed to give you all the ins and outs, juicy details and strategies to help you get open and find the quickest path to profit. Already open? It’s okay, relaunching and rebranding are included.

I struggled for years in retail sales. Any product or service that you need to sell puts you in the sales business. Business is hard and there is a learning curve. I remember the fear, wondering if I could make payroll and all the other uncertainties, “Will people come? Will they buy?” Back then, I really wish I had someone to help shorten that learning curve.

I also remember the day it all turned. It’s like the heavens opened up and I finally got it. You know, that moment that people tell you is going to come if you don’t quit?  I was finally able to pay my employees AND myself and have money left over.

My life and my business changed when I decided to ask for help. I valued the help and implemented it because I invested in it. I now have three brick and mortar shops and one online. Dreams do come true >>> with hard work.


The good news is I documented what I did so I can do it over and over again. The great news is I am offering it in the Boutique 4X course to you.


What if you could launch your business and avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes I made early on in business? Here are some of the sessions I will cover that I wish were available to me:

+ retail business start-up and set up

+ what is the fastest path to profit?

+ how should I set my prices?

+ where can I get cheaper supplies and resources to create my product?

+ is it best to start online or have a brick and mortar?

+ how do I get my product manufactured?

+ what the heck is Margin & COGS and why should I care?

+ how do I do everything and still stay sane? This. Is. Legit.

PLUS soooooo much more usable content crammed into BOUTIQUE 4X. This will be the best four weeks of your life!


So, what comes with?

I am a self-help books and strategy course junkie. I have purchased thousands of dollars in information over the years and there are only a few of them I ever bothered to watch, listen to or participate in. What was the difference?


I designed this course to include all of the tools, ease of use and flexibility that attracted me to courses I actually used. The difference for me is when courses are simple, easy to implement and give the promised results. The Boutique 4X Promise:

+ weekly live Zoom training and Q & A 

+ replays on all sessions

+ private Facebook Community

+ industry resource and contacts sheets (this alone is worth THOUSANDS!!)



+ free digital copy of my book How to Open a Boutique

+ free digital copy of my 24 Questions To Answer Before You Open Shop


Heard enough and ready to get a seat in Boutique 4X?  


 Boutique 4X is only $199. Class starts September 7, 2020.

You can pay all at once  at Checkout.


Need to make payments? I totally understand. I hated that feeling of needing information and getting down to the bottom of the sales page only to discover I couldn’t afford it. For that reason I have added this option. Make three installment payments with Partially. Look for it on the Checkout screen.

Thanks for reaching out. That was huge of you. I can’t wait to have you in class. I can’t wait to see your business thrive.

Still wondering if you should TAKE THE COURSE? Say yes to yourself. You are totally worth the investment.  


This course is a FINAL SALE. You get what you put into it- just like in real life. There is no secret sauce that replaces hard work and showing up.

Please, don’t sign up if you:

-think of this more as a hobby

-can’t commit an extra 5 hours a week to study and grow your business

-will not do the work……..


If you're ready, I AM!

Let’s get richer,